MATLAB: Can anyone suggest how can I draw a tangent from a given point in line and get its intercept value on y axis?I

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I have a langmuir probe data and I wish to calculate the Ion saturation current for which I have to plot a tangent to the curve that lies below 0 in the plot from any point on the curve and get its y intercept!
clear all;
close all;
a = csvread('scope_5.csv',300,1);%Reads the data from the given file and puts it in the defined variable%
Voltage = a(:,1);%Voltage variable is defined from a matrix by selecting all rows of first column%
Vprobe = a(:,2);%Vprobe is defined by selecting rows from second column%
Iprobe = Vprobe./5500;%Probe current is obtained by dividing the Probe voltage by the probe resistance R=5500ohm%
hold on
grid on
set (gca,'fontsize',16, 'fontweight', 'b')
xlabel('Probe bias Voltage(V)');
ylabel('Probe current(A)');
title('I-V charecterstic curve');
index = find(a(:,2) < 0, 1, 'first');%Finds the cell number where the current changes the sign to give the floating potential value%
Vfloat = Voltage(index);%Finds the Voltage value corresponding to the index to give the floating potential%
hold on
aa = ginput(2);%Takes input from user to define the Ion saturation current from the plot%
zoom on
p = polyfit(aa(:,1),aa(:,2),1);%Fits the four selected point linearly in form of a line%
Isaturation = polyval(p,aa(:,1));
display(Isaturation);%Shows the fitted current saturation data%
Isat=((Isaturation(1,1)+Isaturation(2,1)/2));%Calculates the average of 2 fitted data points and gives the ion saturation current%
plot(aa(:,1),Isaturation,'m','LineWidth',2,'MarkerSize',12);%Plots the linearly fitted line from four points%
hold on
plot(Voltage,Ie,'r','LineWidth',2,'MarkerSize',12);%Plots the Electron current Vs probe bias voltage curve%
set (gca,'fontsize',16, 'fontweight', 'b');
xlabel('Probe bias Voltage(V)');
ylabel('Electron current(A)');
title('Electron current');
grid on
plot(Voltage,log(Ie),'g','LineWidth',2,'MarkerSize',12);%Plots the logarithmic curve of electron current and Bias voltage%
set (gca,'fontsize',16, 'fontweight', 'b');
ylabel('Log(Electron current');
grid on
zoom on
bb = ginput(2);
x=polyfit(bb(:,1),bb(:,2),1);%Fits a line for the 2 given input points%
T=((bb(4)- bb(3))/(bb(2)-(bb(1))));%Finds the Electron temperature from the slope of the fitted line between the 2 selected points%
hold on
grid on
set (gca,'fontsize',16, 'fontweight', 'b');
xlabel('Voltage','fontsize',16, 'fontweight', 'b');
ylabel('dI/dV','fontsize',16, 'fontweight', 'b');
%Calulating the number density%
d=0.001;%Probe diameter in meter%
A=0.785*d^2;%Probe diameter in m2%
k=1.38*10^-23;%Boltzmann constant%
e=1.6*10^-19;%electron charge%
vb=sqrt((1.38*10^-23*T*11604)/(40*1.67*10^-27));%Bohm Velocity in m/s%
nd=((-Isat)/(0.6*e*A*vb));%Number density per m3%
%Calcuating Debye length%
eps =8.85*10^-12;%Permittivity of free space%
DebyeLength=sqrt((eps*k*T)/(nd*e^2));%Debye length in meters%
%Displays all the calculated parameters%
display (nd);%Displays number density per m3%
display (DebyeLength);%Displays debye length in meters%

Best Answer

  • We do not have your data, however this illustrates the approach:
    x = linspace(-5, 5); % Create Data

    y = 1-(x./sqrt(1+x.^2)); % Create Data
    xi = 1; % Choose x-Coordinate
    yi = interp1(x, y, xi); % Use Interplation To Calculate y-Coordinate
    h = x(2)-x(1); % Use With ‘gradient’
    dydx = gradient(y,h); % Numerical Derivative
    dyi = interp1(x, dydx, xi); % Use Interplation To Calculate Slope At ‘xi’
    yi_int = (yi - dyi*xi); % Y-Intercept Of Line
    y_tngt = dyi*x + yi_int; % Calculate Tangent Line (Optional)
    plot(x, y)
    hold on
    plot(xi, yi, 'sg', 'MarkerSize',10)
    plot(x, y_tngt, '-r')
    hold off
    text(0, yi_int, sprintf('Y-intercept = %.3f \\rightarrow', yi_int), 'HorizontalAlignment','right')
    Can anyone suggest how can I draw a tangent from a given point in line and get its intercept value on y axis - 2019 05 17.png