MATLAB: Can anyone tell me what input arguments in following actually?what input data i have to give to run it

help me out

here is my code,
Where i am getting error of not enough input argumnets,
function r = vq(d,k)
r = mean(d,2);% getting error here
as i am new to matlab & this code too,as i am running it from sources,
dont't know how to run it properly,
so help me out,
thanks a lot in adv

Best Answer

  • Make sure you haven't created your own mean.m file that is shadowing the built-in mean function included in MATLAB. You can check this using which.
    which -all mean
    You should see only files in directories located under matlabroot. If you see a file you wrote in a working directory, rename that file and check if your code starts working.