MATLAB: Can GPU Coder be used to generate code to the Nvidia Jetson Xavier on Windows

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I just finished setting up CUDA and cuDNN, but not TensorRT and ran this code to check it anyways:
envCfg = coder.gpuEnvConfig('host');
envCfg.DeepLibTarget = 'tensorrt';
envCfg.DeepCodegen = 1;
envCfg.Quiet = 1;
What was returned was this:
Error using coder.checkGpuInstall (line 32)
One or more of the system checks did not pass, with the following errors …
TensorRT Environment: (TensorRT is not supported on this platform. It is only supported on Linux operating
Is it true that I need to switch over to linux to run TensorRT? I thought that both Windows and Linux were supported.

Best Answer

  • Hi Joseph,
    GPU Coder added support for TensorRT library on Windows host in R2019b.
    Please find the release notes here:
    However, you if you are interested in targeting Jetson boards from Windows host using the GPU Coder Support Package for NVIDIA GPUs in R2019a, you can do so by updating the software support package to the latest version.