MATLAB: Can I see the parameters that fminunc generate in each try of the optimization search


I am using fminunc to optimize a likelihood function which inside has other functions which makes the problem a bit complicated.
When I try the values of all the matrices inside this likelihood with the initial parameters all is correct. With this I mean that I have correct covariance matrices, no zero determinants etc.
However, when I start the optimization process at a certain parameter values I get a singular matrix in one of the equations inside the likelihood.
Therefore, what I would like to do is to observe the vector of parameters being chosen by the fminunc in the iterations.
Is there a way to do this?
Thanks in advance.

Best Answer

  • You can write an output function to obtain almost everything you want. However, fminunc takes finite difference steps that the output function will not report; output functions get called at each iteration, not at each step in the process.
    If what you really want is to have the solver continue past a singularity, you might try using a different solver. The fmincon interior-point and sqp algorithms are robust to some failures in function evaluation. You need a constraint to run fmincon; feel free to use lb = -Inf, which fmincon accepts as a constraint but which has no bearing on the solution.
    Good luck,
    Alan Weiss
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