MATLAB: Can MATLAB be installed over a previous installation of MATLAB


I would like to know if MATLAB can be installed over a previous installation of MATLAB.

Best Answer

  • If you need to install a new toolbox or reinstall an existing MATLAB release, you can perform that installation and use your existing MATLAB installation. If the existing installation becomes corrupt you may experience the following error:
    Cannot install in the specified directory because there may be files remaining from a previous installation.
    In that case, it is recommended to manually remove the existing installation folder and reinstall into a clean folder.
    It is not recommended to install a new release of MATLAB over an existing release because portions of MATLAB may not be properly updated. In addition, you may experience unusual or unexpected results and behaviors. You should always install a new release of MATLAB into a clean, fresh directory.
    Additionally, verify that you are not trying to mix files from different releases. Note that this is also true for SP (service pack) releases. For example, MATLAB R2010b and MATLAB R2010bSP1 are two separate releases that cannot be mixed.