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It is possible for Matlab to delete all of my files?
To give you some context: I had a folder in which I was storing all of my Matlab files. It was located on my desktop. Today as usual,I have turned on my Matlab and when I wanted to manually change directory path (I have been doing it since day 1) I have got some kind of error from Matlab about desktop. I thought it was a pc's fault so as a standard precaution i have restarted the PC. To my suprise, all the files I had on desktop were gone, and I dont really know what to do.

Best Answer

  • Ok, so after trial and error method I think I have achieved success.
    My solution is tricky, and at least weird, but since it has worked for me maybe it will work for future users.
    Matlab has saved one of my files (I was using it just before the accident). To my suprise the file worked properly. So I have located localization of the file (via "show in Explorer") and Then i have copy-pasted all of my files.
    I still dont know how did that accident happen.