MATLAB: Can you extract an element from an array in the same line as you create the array

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I am wondering if it possible to extract data from an array in the same line as the array is created. The purpose is to remove the need for a separate line of code in which the data is extracted.
Example of separate array creation and data extraction:
s = "hello world";
t = split(s, " "); % In this line the array "t" is created
t(1) % In this line the first element of "t" is extracted
>> ans =
My question: Can lines 2 and 3 be combined? Something like this:
t = split(s, " ")(1)
>> ans =
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Best Answer

  • No, unfortunately in matlab, you cannot index directly into the return value of a function.
    You could use subsref as demonstrated by Madhan to do the indexing, however I would advise against that.Yes, subsref is the function actually called when you perfom indexing but the lack of clarity and the high chance of making a mistake don't make it worth it just so you can write one line of code instead of two.