MATLAB: Can’t copy help contents using keyboard shortcut

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Hi everybody, I'm using Matlab 2013b in windows 7, I can't copy the contents of help browser to the clipboard using keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+c). I changed it in the preferences, and only (Ctrl+insert) works for me. (Ctrl+c) is not defined for any other action, it's just for copying. Now I defined both (Ctrl+c) and (Ctrl+insert) for copy but (Ctrl+c) works everywhere except in help browser and (Ctrl+insert) works everywhere. But I want to be able to use (Ctrl+c) in the help browser. What's wrong with this?

Best Answer

  • Yes, that was a bug that was introduced back around then and lasted a version of two, though for some reason it does not appear on the bug report list. Probably for this reason:

    We had to use control-insert to copy help documentation text into the clipboard. I agree, it was very annoying. It has since been fixed and no longer exists in current versions. If you want the fixed MATLAB version, you'll have to upgrade to the current MATLAB version.