MATLAB: Can’t find a MCR (Matlab CompilerRuntime ) for linux of the version 2010b of matlab.

MATLABMATLAB Compilermcr 2010b

For Matlab versions < 2011, the MCR should be located in:
>> mcrinstaller
C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2010b\toolbox\compiler\deploy\win64\MCRInstaller.exe
But there is not a linux MCR provided on a windows installation.
Any ideas how to obtain a certain MCR? Or anybody having an installation of Matlab 2010b on a linux machine by any chance, willing to get their `mcrinstaller` folder and share an instance of the MCR?

Best Answer

  • Compiled executables are only valid for the operating system they are compiled on. If you want to execute on Linux, you need to compile on Linux, and you would pull out the MCR from the installation there.