MATLAB: Caxis with HeatMap

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I'd like to specify the scale of the colormap used for a heat map.
It seems that something like caxis would be appropriate but it doesn't appear to work. All of the examples are for functions like surf.
Is there a way to use caxis to do this, or something else that would work for a heat map?
Thanks very much.

Best Answer

  • Maybe I should have mentioned this in the answer to your previous question, but maybe the HeatMap object's plot method would be useful here. That method will render the heatmap image into a standard MATLAB axes. Then you can use all the standard graphics functions like colorbar and caxis with it.
    For example:
    data = gallery('invhess',20);
    hm = HeatMap(data);
    ax = hm.plot; % 'ax' will be a handle to a standard MATLAB axes.
    colorbar('Peer', ax); % Turn the colorbar on
    caxis(ax, [-3 10]); % Adjust the color limits