MATLAB: Changing Structure Array fields to multiple different column vectors


Hi everyone, I need some help. I've created a structure array that is a 771×1 structure with three fields. All three fields are separate cell arrays, however I need fields 2 and 3 to be 771 different column vectors, any thoughts?
For example, the "Frame" field has an 89×1 double, a 45×1 double, a 38×1 double, etc., but I need them to be separate column vectors. num2cell turns everything into one long vector. The "Frame" vector corresponds to the "xy" field I have, which contains different particle's positions. This is why the "Frame" field needs to be separate column vectors, as each particle is in a specific number of frames.
Thank you for your help!

Best Answer

  • According to the explanation, it looks like you want to change the vectors in the "Frame" field into an [1X1] array. If it is correct, then you probably need to programmatically work on your structure’s field to bring it to a specific dimension array. You can try merging arrays into one and then reshape it according to your need. You can have a look at these links: