MATLAB: Check IN WHICH CASE symbolic logical expression is true


Is it possible to get the conditions under which an expression would be true. Example:
syms a b c
assume(a > 0)
c = a+ b
isAlways(c >0 )
Warning: Unable to prove '0 < a + b'.
> In symengine
In sym/isAlways (line 42)
In LiveEditorEvaluationHelperEID289025349 (line 314)
In matlab.internal.editor.evaluateRegions
In matlab.internal.editor.EvaluationOutputsService.evalRegions
Now I would like to receive the information that c > 0 if b >= 0.
That possible?

Best Answer

  • Well what I stated is true: c > 0 if b >= 0 Although it is not true that b >= 0 if c > 0 right. But you got what I meant. Thanks for the answer!