MATLAB: Colouring stacked bar chart


Hello, I got a n by 3 matrix with the first column containing indexes 1,2,3 and 4. I want to create a bar chart which stacks the third column over the second one and colours the bars differently depending on the index. Is that possible?

Best Answer

  • I am guessing there is a cleaner solution using the stacked barseries and changing the colors, but I couldn't figure it out.
    N = 10;
    M = 4;
    colspec = 'rgym';
    x = [randi(M, N, 1), rand(N, 1), rand(N, 1)];
    hold on
    for ii = 1:M
    jj = find(x(:, 1) == ii);
    y = zeros(N, 1);
    y(jj) = x(jj, 2)+x(jj, 3);
    bar(y, colspec(ii));
    y(jj) = x(jj, 2);