MATLAB: Combine Arrays (IntArrays andStrArrays)


hey Guys,
i wanted to combine 5 Arrays [1:41] to one Arrray of [5:41].
the code x =….. y1= …. y2= …. y3= …. y4= …. names = ….
A = [x;y1;y2;y3;y4;names]
Error: CAT arguments dimensions are not consistent. But all Arrays have a dim of 41. The only differnenz is: names is a String Array. What should i do now ?

Best Answer

  • If you have 5 arrays of the same size and about the same type (for example: all numbers) this should work, if your working with data of different data (strings numbers and other types) types then you need cell arrays:
    The question is not a lot to go off of, but I hope that helps!
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