MATLAB: Commenting Simulink Blocks in Parfor Loop

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I've a scenario where I am running numerous simulations of a Simulink model for a plant in different configurations. Changes between configurations include the multiple of similar sub-systems online, and also the mode in which those sub-systems interact.
I'd like to make use of both the Parallel Computing Toolbox, and the ability to comment out Simulink block, so I can run a single model with numerous configurations in a parfor loop. Is it possible to comment blocks in a parfor loop so that different parfor loop iterations have different blocks commented in the Simulink model? Or is there an issue caused? I'm assuming since in the regular use of parfor for Simulink models, the set_param command is used, that it could be used similarly for commenting blocks, unless there is some kind of compatibility issue caused.

Best Answer

  • You should be able to do this by using set_param, something like this:
    set_param('model/path/block', 'Commented', 'on') % or 'through'