MATLAB: Concatenate generalized linear model objects

concatenate glm

Hello everybody, I use fitglm to fit several generalized linear models, for instance:
fit1 = fitglm(X,Y,'linear','distr','gamma','link','log');
fit2 = fitglm(X,Y,'linear','distr','gaussian','link','log');
fit3 = fitglm(X,Y,'linear','distr','gamma','link','identity');
I would like to create an "array" of these objects, so that I could write something like this to access them:
fit(1), fit(2),...
but I couldn't find a way! Can you please help me out? Thanks!

Best Answer

  • You can use cell arrays:
    fit = cell(3,1);
    fit{1} = fitglm(X,Y,'linear','distr','gamma','link','log');
    fit{2} = fitglm(X,Y,'linear','distr','gaussian','link','log');
    fit{3} = fitglm(X,Y,'linear','distr','gamma','link','identity');