MATLAB: Concatenating Tables with Regionprops

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I would like to concatenate multiple regionprops tables together that are generated one by one in a loop. However, I was not sure how to initialize the first table. What I did was create a table of zeros and assign all of the variable names. The error I am getting however is "Dimensions of arrays being concatenated are not consistent." Both tables are 1 by 33, but the error comes in from the centroid entry, for example. The centroid in regionprops has two entries, the x and y value, but the table I initialized only has one entry under centroids. How can I initialize the table such that the variable Centroid is assigned two entries? If that is not possible, is there a better way to go about concatenating regionprops tables that are generated in loop?

Best Answer

  • Letting your table grow dynamically might not an efficient coding approach. It would be better if you save the tables in a cell array and then attach them together after the loops are completed. For example
    regions = cell(1,n)
    for i = 1:n
    regions{i} = regionprops('table', ..)
    all_regions = vertcat(regions{:});
    Also, this approach does not require you to manually initialze the table.