MATLAB: Convert pixel value to HU


How can I change a voxel value of a Micro CT image series to HU units ?
i need to change the voxel value and the header in dicom to use the new dicom in the treatment planning system
the linear equation i will be used to change the voxel is
y = 0.7966x-568.5

Best Answer

  • Hi Ahmad,
    In order to convert the data found in CT data to Housefield Units you have to apply a linear transformation to the data.
    The equation, which is used for converting into HouseField Units,
    HU = pixel_value*slope +intercept
    The tags are alse called as Rescale Slope and Rescale Intercept.
    The slope and intercept are found in the DICOM file itself and you can read the DICOM image to MATLAB using dicomread.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Gouri Chennuru.