MATLAB: Could you help me please?

MATLABvalue of x corresponding to function

Suppose I have a function
x1=2; x2=-2; x3=4;
Now I want to find the value of x (i.e x1 or x2 or x3) corresponding to Fmin Xmin=value of x corresponding to Fmin How to do this??

Best Answer

  • You have to make vectors out of them, then it works:
    f = @(x) x.^3+2; % Changed ‘inline’ To Anonymous Function
    x1=2; x2=-2; x3=4;
    [Fmin,ix] = min([f(x1),f(x2),f(x3)]); % Vector Of ‘f(x)’
    x = [x1 x2 x3]; % Vector Of ‘x’
    xFmin = x(ix) % ‘argmin’