MATLAB: Could you please make a complete code about the following question??


this question is related to Convoution in Signal…
X[n]*h[n] = [20cos(5πn+ π/3)+cos(200πn)] * 1/3 ( delta [n-2]+ delta [n-1]+ delta [n] )
= 20/3cos[5π(n-2)+ π/3]+ 20/3cos[5π(n-1)+ π/3]+ 20/3cos[5π(n)+ π/3]+
1/3cos[200π(n-2)]+ 1/3cos[200π(n-1)]+ 1/3cos[200π(n)]
////////////// But, n should be from 0 to 299
Unfortunately, I cannot do creat matlab code about this question…
Please solve this problem, matlab EXPERT!!!

Best Answer

  • It's not hard of a question if I understand what Lee means as it stands From the first part: X[n]*h[n]=[20cos(5πn+ π/3)+cos(200πn)] * 1/3 ( delta [n-2]+ delta [n-1]+ delta [n] )
    Clearly implies h the impulse response is 1/3(z^-2 + z^-1+1) , which is just a moving average filter.
    X is a signal 20cos(5πn+ π/3)+cos(200πn)]
    you can find the result by
    h = [1/3 1/3 1/3];
    Y=filter([1/3 1/3 1/3],1,X)