MATLAB: Create a structure from discrete column vectors or a 3 x n matrix composed of column vectors

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I'm trying to build a structure consisting of elements which are column vectors representing x, y, z points. So far, I have written the following code, which indexes arrays representing x, y, z positions of points from a structure called 'data' (derived from a .ply 3d graphics file) and rearranges them into a 3 x n matrix:
% orders vertex data from structure into column vectors
x = data.vertex.x
y = data.vertex.y
z = data.vertex.z
% vertically concatenates x, y, z to form a 3 x n matrix stored in the
% structure, verts
verts = horzcat(x, y, z)
%Sequentially indexes PX PY PZ into a 3 x n matrix where columns are x y z
%components of position vectors
for i=1:length(x)
This creates a matrix of the form:
3.7427 3.74984 1.38903
4.7384 3.76483 8.76289
9.6389 9.62843 5.78290 .............
I want to create a structure where each column vector in this array is a seperate element. I thought the following might do the trick:
for k=1:size(x)
Vk = [vertsnew(1,k)];
vertz.(['VZ' num2str(k)])=Vk;
But this results in a structure with x, y, z arranged sequentially as individual elements. E.g:
vertz.VZ.1 = 3.7427
vertz.VZ.2 = 4.7384
vertz.VZ.3 = 9.6389
I am able to create individual column vectors using:
%Orders arrays, into discrete column vectors
for i=1:length(x)
assignin('base',['vertv' num2str(i)],[x(i);y(i);z(i)])
vertv1 = 3.7427
vertv2 = 4.7384
Though I am unsure how to obtain the desired structure from these seperate arrays. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Best Answer

  • y=[3.7427 3.74984 1.38903
    4.7384 3.76483 8.76289
    9.6389 9.62843 5.78290]
    for k=1:size(y,2)