MATLAB: Create new variable when movevar can’t find a variable in a table.


I am working on order processing data. I've imported all my data using readtable, done my processing and now need to order the data prior to export.
To do this I have used the below script. This works perfectly well.
t = movevars(t,varNames,'After','Column_1')
My challenge comes, if varNames contains a variable which is not in my data set, where I get an error.
I would like to compare varNames with the t.Properties.VariableNames and create new variables with NaNs or Zeros in t where there was not a variable in the table.
I can't come up with a sensible way to do this, my guess was using strcmp?

Best Answer

  • Use ismember to determine if the variables you want to move/add are present in the table. The output from ismember will be a logical mask telling you which variable names you pass into movevars and which into addvars.