MATLAB: Create random values between two decimal values

elastic netrand

I have written this code so far:
%create initial elastic net points as evenly spaced in horizontal position
%with random vertical components.
%create the initial matrix
en_points = zeros(NUM_EN_POINTS,2);
%make the x comp evenly spaced horizontally spanning the length of cities
en_points(1:NUM_EN_POINTS,1) = transpose(linspace(0,1,NUM_EN_POINTS));
%make the y comp a random value between the cities
en_points(1:NUM_EN_POINTS,2) = rand();
What I am trying to do is make column 2 be a random variable between two decimal values, which are (0.5 – l, 0.5 + l).
Is this possible?

Best Answer

  • en_points(:,2) = (0.5 - l) + 2*l*rand(NUM_EN_POINTS,1);