MATLAB: Data Analysis with uneven data lenghts

data analysisreading csv fileuneven data lenghts

I have two sets of data that are different lenghts which has caused a problem where the shorter set of data has now presumed that the rest of the data is all 0 so the graph has a sharp line that shouldn't be there. Is there a way of stopping this problem?
Data1 = csvread('Swale5km.csv')
Data1(:,1), Data1(:,2), Data1(:,3), Data1(:,4)
plot(Data1(:,1), Data1(:,2),Data1(:,3), Data1(:,4))
xlabel 'Time/Hours'
ylabel ' Concentration ug/l'

Best Answer

  • Substitute NaN for the missing values; plot() will silently ignore it.
    Since it appears there are no real zero values, you can do it trivially in this case: