MATLAB: Deconvolution of delta type functions


Hello, I am very new to MATLAB. I am trying to deconvolve two signals. I am attaching a figure. The smaller signal is from one single electrified jet of liquid and the black one is from multiple of them happening in a certain period of time. I want to deconvolute the black one and red signal is my response. Every time I do this deconvolution using MATLAB, I get only noise. I am expecting a parabolic function after deconvolution.

Best Answer

  • How did you do the deconvolution? Did you use deconvlucy()? But I don't understand why you think that deconvolving a random superposition of signals with just one sample of the signal will give you anything meaningful. Is the black signal the red signal but convolved with a bunch of delta functions? Or is the red signal a smoothed black signal? If it's the latter then you might be looking for the deconvolution to give you the smoothing function. Anyway, I can't really tell what you have or what you want.