MATLAB: Dereferencing bus signal in Stateflow

dereferencing array elementstateflow

Does anyone know if you can dereference an element in an array of bus signals in Stateflow? We have an array of bus signals and we would like to access a particular element in that array (not a member in the bus, but an element of the array of bus signals) and get an error that this is not allowed in the stateflow action langauge. We are new to this so may be doing it correctly. Can onyone tell me if they know if this is allowed?

Best Answer

  • The documentation states:
    Stateflow action language does not support arrays of buses.
    You should probably use a Selector or Bus Selector block to first select the signal and then pass it in.
    Also, please consider submitting this as an enhancement request to the MathWorks Tech Support team so that the Stateflow team may consider this for a future release.