MATLAB: Do I encounter problems when running MATLAB 6.0 (R12) on Hebrew or Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) Windows


I try to start MATLAB but after the splash screen disappears, MATLAB exits.

Best Answer

  • This problem has been fixed in MATLAB 6.1 (R12.1).
    If you are using MATLAB 6.0, see the information below:
    This problem is caused by a bug in one of the font properties files that ship with MATLAB. The file is used by Java to map the standard Java font names to system fonts for a particular language operating system. However, we made a few assumptions that do not hold for the Hebrew or Traditional Chinese Windows, which caused this problem.
    We have created a fixed version of the mwt.jar file that you can use to correct this. To use the fix:
    1. First, rename your mwt.jar file as mwt.old. This file is found in the $MATLAB\java\jar directory, where $MATLAB is your MATLAB root directory.
    2. Download the newer mwt.jar file attached to this article and place it in your $MATLAB\java\jar directory.
    3. Restart MATLAB; this should correct the problem you're seeing.