MATLAB: Do I not have the option to install License Manager for the network license type


I am installing the license manager for my network license. I selected the "custom" installation type, but the license manager is not listed among the possible products to install.

Best Answer

  • There are three possible reasons the license manager would not be displayed in the Installer's product list:
    1. Missing license manager product files
    2. Wrong license selected (automatic) or incorrect File Installation Key (manual)
    3. Internal MathWorks error
    Follow the instructions below to confirm and resolve the cause of this behavior:
    1. Confirm license manager product files:
    The license manager is included with the MATLAB product archive files. These are included on all Professional MATLAB installation discs and are available for download. If you are installing from downloaded installation files on Unix/Linux/Mac, ensure that you have both the matlab.common file and the matlab.$arch file (where $arch is the appropriate architecture, such as glnx86, glnxa64 or maci).
    2. Confirm license selection or FIK
    The license manager is only available for installation in conjunction with a network license type. If completing an automatic installation (with the Internet) be sure that you select a network license (Concurrent or Network Named User)when prompted to choose a license file installation. If completing a manual installation (without the Internet) confirm that you are using the correct File Installation Key for your network license.
    3. Internal MathWorks error
    For a short period of time File Installation Keys were generated without including the appropriate entry for license manager installation. If you suspect this to be the cause, please contact the Installation and Licensing team at the link below: