MATLAB: Do I receive an error when building code for the HC12 Target with the The Embedded Target for Motorola HC12

codecodewarriorEmbedded Target for Motorola HC12hc12limitationsize;

When I build code for the HC12 Target, I receive the following error message:
Error : C3500: Limitation: code size 1024 bytes
I compiled one of the demos, and everything worked properly, but I receive this error message when compiling my own code.

Best Answer

  • This error occurs when the demo version of the CodeWarrior compiler is used, due to a code size limitation for the demo license. The demo version of this compiler is limited to creating 1K of output code. Many of the HC12 Target demos fit within this size limit, but more complicated models do not.
    If you are evaluating a system and want to work around this problem, you can request an evaluation license from Metrowerks instead. This license will not have a code size limit, but will be time limited to 30 days.