MATLAB: Do I see an “Unapproved caller.” error when launching the MATLAB installer on the Mac


When I launch the MATLAB installer on my Mac, an error appears which says:
Unapproved caller.
SecurityAgent may only be invoked by Apple software.
How can I resolve this error?

Best Answer

  • This error may occur when attempting to launch an application which was not distributed from the Mac App Store even if your security settings are set to allow apps from identified developers. You can usually resolve this error by starting your Mac in Safe Mode, which clears out most temporary data caches on your Mac.
    To boot your Mac into Safe Mode:
    1. Restart your Mac by opening the Apple menu and clicking "Restart..."
    2. Hold the shift key before the Mac begins to start up
    3. Hold the shift key until you see "Safe Mode" on the screen
    4. Let the Mac finish starting up and log in.
    5. Restart the Mac again, do not hold shift this time.
    6. Once the Mac has started and you have logged in, run the MATLAB installer.