MATLAB: Does DEPFUN return certain dependencies in an array format


I am trying to execute the DEPFUN function on one of my MATLAB files. I am not receiving any error messages or warnings. However, other than the actual dependencies listed by DEPFUN, the output consists also consists of dependencies in the following format:
[1x82 char]
[1x78 char]

Best Answer

  • DEPFUN returns a cell array of strings. If one of the strings in the cell array is long enough, when displayed as a cell (such as when the whole cell array is displayed) the long string is displayed in that format. Displaying the contents of the cell containing that individual long string will display the actual contents of the string.
    This can be done as follows:
    fprintf('%s\n', example73{:})
    Here, example73 = depfun( Name of the MATLAB file)