MATLAB: Does Simbiology say the data doesn’t contain a numeric value

SimBiologysimbiology datafit dataset

I'm trying to run a data fit with experimental data. Every time I run data fit, Simbiology gives me the error: Dataset must contain at least one numeric variable. The dataset looks fine and has many numeric values. What could be going on?

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  • Thanks for the quick replies! The data set is a 231x2 vector of class double from my matlab worksopace. One column is time and the other column is concentration. I don't think it is the cell array issue.
    I am using SimBiology desktop, not using the command line. I'm using Matlab2014a. I have 2 reactions with five variables and five parameters (kinetic rate constants). I have data for the concentration of the product that is made in time. I'm asking Simbiology to fit the 5 rates (for which I have a good guess) and it runs the fit for a while and then at the end it says the dataset must contain a numeric variable and then that the model is overparameterized. Maybe it is something about the dataset, but I'm not sure what to try, I'm new to Simbiology but a Matlab veteran of sorts. :-D
    Thanks for the help
    How do I share the data and .sbproj here?