MATLAB: Does textscan only read the first row of the text file

MATLABread intextscan

for file = 1:total_files
[inputfile,path] = uigetfile('*.txt');
fileids{file} = fopen(fullfile(path, inputfile));
if fileids{file} == -1
error('Failed to open file "%s"', fullfile(path, inputfile));
b = textscan(fileids{file},'%n %n %*n %*n %*n %*n %*n',-1, 'delimiter', '/t');
events = b{1};
event_times = b{2};
I want to read in only fhe first two columns out of 7. This works. However, I can only read in the first row.

Best Answer

  • Hi,
    Instead of using the below line,
    b = textscan(fileids{file},'%n %n %*n %*n %*n %*n %*n',-1, 'delimiter', '/t');
    use this,
    b = textscan(fileids{file},'%n %n %*[^\n]', -1, 'delimiter', '\t', 'EndOfLine','\r\n');
    you will be able to access the data properly.
    Hope this helps!