MATLAB: Does the figure not print in the RTF report generated using MATLAB Report Generator 2.1.1 (R14SP1)

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Using the MATLAB Report Generator 2.1.1 (R14SP1), I have generated a report that first creates a figure and then takes a snapshot of that figure. However, when I run the report, the following appears in the MATLAB Command Window:
In component Figure Snapshot : Error using ==> javaMethod No static staticAddMessage method with appropriate signature exists in Java class com.mathworks.toolbox.rptgencore.GenerationDisplayClient.
This error only occurs when I output to Rich Text Format; when I output to HTML, no error occurs and the report includes the figure. How can I include the figure in the RTF version of the report?

Best Answer

  • This bug has been fixed in Release 14 Service Pack 2 (R14SP2). For previous releases, please read below for any possible workarounds:
    We have verified there is a bug in the way MATLAB Report Generator 2.1.1 (R14SP1) handles the capturing of an on-screen figure when the image is output to a non-vectorized file format. HTML does not produce the error because its default figure format is PNG, which is vectorized. However, the default format for RTF files is EPS, which is not vectorized.
    Currently, you may workaround this problem using either of the following two suggestions:
    1. In the figure snapshot component of the report, uncheck the box that says "capture figure from screen." This causes the MATLAB Report Generator to use the internal PRINT command rather than do a screen capture, and is more efficient than doing a screen capture.
    2. In the figure snapshot component of the report, use a vectorized figure format, such as PNG or BMP.