MATLAB: Does the network license manager reread and stop working after a feature expires


I have expiring licenses or trials in my network license file. I also have a Network Named User license. After a trial license expires, I notice a reread in the license manager log file, saying that GROUP cannot reread, and then all users start getting license manager error -84.
0:00:00 (MLM) XXX_Toolbox expired — rereading to update
0:00:00 (MLM) Cannot reread GROUP "XXX"; used by "MATLAB" for USER/HOST_BASED
0:00:00 (MLM) DENIED: "MATLAB" XXX@XXX (USER_BASED license has no specified users. (-84,338))

Best Answer

  • This issue has been filed with Flexera, the makers of FlexNet. As a workaround, you can prevent the rereads from occurring by setting AUTOMATIC_REREAD to off in an options file.
    When a license file expires for a network license, the network license manager uses lmreread. The lmreread command fails to handle any options file containing GROUPS. If you have a Network Named User license, those licenses stop working until the license manager is stopped and restarted.