MATLAB: Download latest Simulink demo


Dear all..
i just wanna ask, how we download the latest simulink demo?? for example i have Matlab 2009b, there is no vr_octavia_graphs.mdl demo like the one provided in Matlab 2010b.
can we get or download it for free???

Best Answer

  • The demo model vr_octavia_graphs.mdl is for the Simulink 3D Animation Toolbox.
    I don't think TMW provides a weblink to download a particular demo model. But if you are really interested in the model and the related toolbox, you can get a trial version of the toolbox at The demo model must come with it.
    Be cautious though, that if your current MATLAB/Simulink is an older version, you may have difficulties open the model or see the full capability of the model.