MATLAB: Edit box string to column value plotting


Im attempting to use edit boxes in a GUI as away to destinguish what columns a plot command recognizes as a plot
numdata=xlsread(uigetfile({'.xlsx'},'File Selector'));
x=numdata(:,str2num(handles.XCInput, 'string'));
y=numdata(:,str2num(handles.YCInput, 'string'));
plot (x,y)
XCInput and YCInput are the tags for the chosen text edits

Best Answer

  • You invented a str2num syntax that does not exist:
    str2num(handles.YCInput, 'string')
    % ^^^^^^^^^^ is this in the STR2NUM documentation?
    Where in the STR2NUM documentation is the 2nd input shown? (hint: nowhere, it does not exist).
    If you want to use functions, you need to follow the syntaxes that they actually support:
    x = numdata(:,str2num(handles.XCInput));