MATLAB: Editor functionality: check that variable name isn’t already a MATLAB function name or keyword


Is it possible that the editor checks automatically in the background, while I am typing, that a by me used variable or handle, etc. name isnĀ“t already exisitent somewhere in MATLAB or a MATLAB toolbox as a function name, keyword or any other import and thus better to reserve than overwrite word? At the moment I am working without toolboxes, but I would like to be prepared as good as possible for the future, and if the editor would not check only against installed functions, but would have a list with generally from The Mathworks available functions, it could be helpful if ALL those existent words become accordingly colored. Furthermore, do the function names from my own code become automatically incorporated in the 'reserved / occupied' name list of the editor (R2013b) for color coding, if my m-files are on a reachable path?