MATLAB: Emlc generates two different c-files for the same supporting function when building two functions, how do you merge them

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If I have two functions:
function y = fcn1 %#eml

A = [
8 1
3 5
4 9
y = pinv(A);
function y = fcn2 %#eml
A = [
y = pinv(A);
and build them
% build functions
emlc -c -T rtw:lib -report -d fcn1 fcn1.m
emlc -c -T rtw:lib -report -d fcn2 fcn2.m
I get two versions of svd.c. What is the best way to merge the resulting object files? I want to call these functions from the same code.

Best Answer

  • Hi Todd,
    Just use this idiom emlc -c -T rtw:lib -report -d foo1 fcn1 fcn2
    That will product a library with an entry point for fcn1 and fcn2 that shares all the common code like SVD used by both of them.