MATLAB: Error with results, matlab


Where is error? My program showed my only WYKRYTO, but I don't know what.
fprintf('\nWYKRYTO: ');
if (kaszel == max([kaszel, smiech, krzyk, chrzakanie]))
elseif (smiech == max([kaszel, smiech, krzyk, chrzakanie]))
elseif (krzyk == max([kaszel, smiech, krzyk, chrzakanie]))
elseif (chrzakanie == max([kaszel, smiech, krzyk, chrzakanie]))

Best Answer

  • max([array1, array2])
    max(horzcat(array1, array2))
    which in turn means
    max(horzcat(array1, array2), [], 1)
    which will calculate the column-by-column maximum of horzcat(array1, array2), which is going to give you a result which is 1 x (size(array1,2) + size(array2,2)) .
    And then you try to compare the entire array array1 to the result of the max(), so you are comparing
    size(array1,1) x size(array1,2)
    1 x (size(array1,2) + size(array2,2))
    and you can see by examination that the only way that can work is if array1 only has a single row and array2 is empty. (Well, that case would be treated differently by MATLAB, but you would still end up with mismatched lengths for the comparison)
    Taking into account that you have entire arrays to be compared, what do you want your output to be? A 2D cell array of strings that indicates at each location which of the four arrays was the maximum at that point ? Or do you wish to know which of the four has the greatest average magnitude? Or something else?