MATLAB: Evaluation of sfit function does not work in the standalone app created by AppDesigner. Help

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I am programming an app on AppDesigner which loads an sfit function from a mat file and uses feval to evaluate the sunction. It works perfectly well as a MATLAB dependent app, but shows an error when I try to run it as a standalone app: 'object of class sfit cannot be loaded'. I tried using a pragma function and adding it to the mcc, but it still does not work.
For reference, the specific code I am having trouble with looks like this:
load('HTC_table.mat'); % load HTC table with fit curves
% curve_13 fit is for global mean HTC value
HTC = feval(,[Vdot,Tfluid]); % W/(m^2 K) contains the sfit. Since someone else has created the mat file, I am not able to see the fit formula either.I would be grateful for any help.Thanks!

Best Answer

  • If anyone has the same problem, I found the solution: add the MATLAB sfit files from your program folder to the required files for your app