MATLAB: Excel header title from html code


I have a GUI with an uitable whose header's title (variable "header") uses html code. I want to export the uitable data (included its header) to an Excel spreadsheet. This is the code written for this task:
%# header = get(htable,'ColumnName');
header = {'<center>Component X<br />(km/s<sup>2</sup>)</center>', ...
'<center>Component Y<br />(km/s<sup>2</sup>)</center>', ...
'<center>Component Z<br />(km/s<sup>2</sup>)</center>'},
numeric_data = rand(3,3);
data_Matrix = [header ; num2cell(numeric_data)],
However, I can not get Excel spreadsheet header title appears written correctly.

Best Answer

  • What happens in the Excel display? Does Excel display HTML formatting at all?
    You can try this:
    LF = char(10);
    Sq = char(178);
    header = {['Component X', LF, '(km/s', Sq, ')'], ...
    ['Component Y', LF, '(km/s', Sq, ')'], ...
    ['Component Z', LF, '(km/s', Sq, ')']};
    [EDITED: Missing quotes inserted]