MATLAB: Export Data from Matlab to Text Files

3ddata importfprintfimage segmentationsave

Working on a segmentation of 3D CT images.
I want to know Please
  • what's the best software for 3D visualization for these images
  • How to save these images (3D matrix 1536x1536x1101) into a file .txt
Does this code is the best to save it
if true
fprintf(fid,'%d %d %d\n',Matrix3D);
Please if you have any idea let me know.
Thank you

Best Answer

  • One usual format for medical images such as yours is DICOM. You can try and use the matlab functions for DICOM editing/storage etc. and then you might want to use Osirix for viewing or other 3D features. Fx segmentation...
    Probably you got the CT data from DICOM? or what format was that?
    Also check the programme ITK-Snap