MATLAB: Figure copied in word not centered

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I recently started using MATLAB 7.10 and for the first time I have encountered the following problem. When I copy a figure from MATLAB and paste it in MS Word (2007) the figure is not centered within the clipboard object but located in the upper left corner. I am not able to reposition it in Word. I have looked in all the properties in the Copy Options but nothing has worked. Has anyone come accross this problem please to help? Thanks VS

Best Answer

  • The problem is with the Theme used by Windows 7 on 64-bit PCs and MATLAB 7.10. Unbelievable but ...true! (presumably the selected theme affects the way the graphics card works). As was mentioned for problems related to running earlier versions of MATLAB e.g. Matlab R2007 on Windows 7, one must choose the Windows Classic Theme from the Windows Desktop/Personalize "change the visuals and sounds on your computer". I think that Mathworks should include in their list of bugs/incompatibilities of MATLAB 7.10 for Windows 7 this one too.