MATLAB: Find the set of 3d data parrallel to the current 3d data

Let's say: I have two set of 3d points as illustration (also see attached file: 1.txt , &, 2.txt)
Capture.JPG 2.JPG
How can I find the set of new 3D data belong to “green line”? The new 3D points is parallel with data 1,& far away distance “d=10m”, & in other side of red line(data 2). I hope the result will be a set of 3D point (kx3 matrix).
Result shown as below illustration:

Best Answer

  • Choose some points (P1,P2,P3) from your data
    - vector of the first line (blue)
    - some temporary vector between P2 and P3 points
    - normal vector of a plane (cross product of and vectors)
    - perpedendicular to line2(red) vector
    - point in plane and at the distance 10 from line2(red)
    Using the same vector as for line1 and line2 draw line3(green) and point P4