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Hi, I'm modelling hydraulic system with end-user: fixed displacement pump provides fluid flow in system, fluid undergos several pressure drops in resistance blocks. And at the end of system there is some kind of end user where fluid is consumed. I have time series of flow rates that end-user requires for its purposes. As end-user I have varying area orifice with connection to the atmosphere (hydraulic reference). But flow rate throught the orifice is dependent on area size (which can be controled with some signal block) and pressure difference across orifice. But to obtain needed flow rate throught the orifice I need to have a loop – to estimate orifice size, pressure at the orifice inlet has to be used. Maybe somebody knows how to generate needed flow rate without using loop (since I don't know how to solve errors occuring because of looping)?
Thanks in advance.

Best Answer

  • If you use Simscape physical signals, then that should get rid of the algebraic loop. You could also use a Hydraulic Flow Rate Source instead of a variable orifice to get the desired flow rate at the end-user, but make sure to get the sign right.