MATLAB: Formatting .txt files as the one produced by command prompt.

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Hi, I have the following script that requests all processes running currently on my machine.
[~,tasks] = system('tasklist');
fileID = fopen('another_test.txt','w');
The file looks like this:
If I try the same thing on the Windows Command Prompt, using this command:
tasklist.exe > %USERPROFILE%\Desktop\processlog.txt
Which gets me this in a nice format which I can't replicate using Matlab. And I would like to get it in the same way, or somewhat similar at least.
The use of delimiters perhaps could help? Any guidance would be great, thanks in advance.

Best Answer

  • Open the file in text mode:
    fileID = fopen('another_test.txt','wt');
    % ^ you need this!
    and use a proper text editor, e.g. Notepad++.