MATLAB: From Where Can I Get Last Version of “commblkbe​rnoullisrc​2.m”

commblkbernoullisrc2.mCommunications Toolboxfddwcdma

I am trying out "WCDMA FDD Simulink Models" by Alex Rodriguez. There's some issue with the file "commblkbernoullisrc2.m". From where can I download/get an revised version of this file? You can also email the answer/file to!
Anyone who has experience from using just mentioned model and is interested in discussing please send me an email!

Best Answer

  • commblkbernoullisrc2.m is a part of the Communications System Toolbox, so the best way to get the latest version of the file is to get the latest version of the product. (Unless what you're running into is a bug, in which case, there may be a patch issued for your version). You'll need to tell us more about exactly what issue you're running into.