MATLAB: From XY array data in pixels to BW image

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Hi, I have a XY array matrix called A , the first column are the X values (column of the image) and the second Y values (rows of the image) and I need to create a BW image in which the points of the A matrix get color white in the image.
As an example, the A data could be:
A = randi(20,[10 2])
And the image size should be , is that correct?
A = randi(20,[10 2]);
idx = sub2ind([20 20],A(:,2),A(:,1));
BW = false(20,20);
BW(idx) = true;

Best Answer

  • A little mistake in the calculation of idx
    idx = sub2ind([20 20],A(:,2),A(:,1)); % Last input shoule be A(:,1)
    Rest is correct.