MATLAB: Function of integral bound

fminuncnumerical integration

I want to solve for b where (the integrands are more complex so that I can't compute the integral myself).
I tried the following
f1=@(x) 1;
f2=@(a,b) integral(f1,0,a+b);
f3=@(b) (integral2(f2,0,b,0,0)-1)^2;
but I get the error message that A and B must be floating-point scalars.
I appreciate any help. Thanks.

Best Answer

  • function main
    sol = fzero(@fun,1.0)
    function res = fun(b)
    amin = 0;
    amax = b;
    xmin = 0;
    xmax = @(a) a+b;
    f = @(x) ones(size(x));
    res = integral2(@(a,x)f(x).*a,amin,amax,xmin,xmax) - 1.0;